Reliable Shower Installers in Marietta, GA

When you get a shower remodeling service in Marietta, GA, depending on the size of the bathroom, you’ll need to take care of several things like electrical wiring, plumbing, tiling, and cabinet installation.


All these factors should be considered to hire a shower installer from Atlanta Bath Pros to take care of all the necessary repairings and installation needed for the renovation, knowing you’ll get an excellent result.


Whether renovating your new home or simply updating the look and feel, the bathroom is a place to start. At Atlanta Bath Pros, our processes are top-rated to give our customers the best service possible.


Your Shower Remodeling Service Should Be an Easy Process

Hiring a company in Marietta, GA, that cares for its customers should be your priority if you’re doing a remodeling project in your bathroom, like getting a shower stone pan installation. At Atlanta Bath Pros, we give our customers an easy process during the entire project.


We use quality materials for every renovation we make. Our services have a lifetime warranty, which gives you peace of mind knowing you’re getting a durable shower remodeling service at home.


It’s also important to know how much budget you have before starting a shower remodeling service, and having a company with financing options is your way to go!. At Atlanta Bath Pros, we have discounts for seniors or the military, with over 60 months of financing available.



Get Affordable Prices and Expertise in Your Shower Remodeling Service

A shower remodeling service requires expertise and knowledge from a trusted professional shower installer. A shower remodeling service involves dealing with plumbing fixtures; stone shower pans installation and waterproof finishes, and other materials that can be complex.


Our bath installers have access to high-quality materials and fixtures. Also, since the sources of our materials are lined up, our customers can purchase them at a more affordable price.


We’ve got a one-day remodel program, which means you’ll get your shower remodeling service in as little as a day.



Get the Best Shower Installers in Marietta, GA

If you need a shower remodeling service, a stone shower pan installation, fixing fixtures, or renovations in your bathroom, don’t hesitate to call us. All of our products are customizable, so you have the option to choose the colors and patterns that fit your unique style.


Let us help you create the bathroom you always wanted! 


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All products manufactured by Bath Planet are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Up to 60 months financing available. Ask about our senior & military discounts.

Our professionals install your bath in as little as a day.