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Modern Low Profile Stone
Shower Pans & Bases

Have you ever had a shower pan which leaked and cost you a ‘not-so-pretty’ penny to replace? Or has a family member landed in the hospital after climbing into your tub or fallen while ‘trying’ to step over a shower pan with a high curb? Then you frantically started researching for durable low profile solid surface shower pans only to find they cost a ‘boat-load’ of money, look behind-the-times, and will take 3 months to get!

Our modern InnovaStone low profile solid surface shower pans are the solution! Not only will the solid colors and décor patterns make an impact in your bath remodel, but they also have a non-slip surface, are anti-bacterial and you have the flexibility to use the same base for an alcove, corner or a 3 sided-glass shower.

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